Keeping my sporting gear safe

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Keeping my sporting gear safe

When my wife moved in she told me I needed to throw out the stuff in my spare room! I told her there was no way I was throwing out my mountain bike, snowboards, golf clubs... and she told me I needed to get a storage unit. Now I've got my sporting gear stored out of her sight, and I convinced her to put her flowery couch in the unit as well. Now I've got someone to stash all of my impulse buys - I've just got store it all so she never realises how much stuff we have stashed in there!

Ideas for Cutting Costs When Moving

Moving can be a costly expense when you consider the price of removalist services and storage fees. This means that when you are planning for a move, there are a few steps that you can take to help you save. It is possible to make a few small changes to your moving plans in order to lower the total cost of your moving expenses. Before you begin making moving arrangements, it is important to consider the most effective ideas for cutting moving costs. Read More 

Storage Shed Construction: 3 Critical Factors to Consider

If you want to decongest your home by getting rid of unwanted clutter, you should consider building a storage shed within your property. A storage shed will provide you with the extra space you need outdoors to store items that have functional value or those you plan to reuse in the future. Building a storage shed is a big decision, and you need to get it right the first time. That said, here are some crucial considerations you need to think through before you can erect a storage shed in your outdoor space with help from a company like Burleigh Mini Stores. Read More 

Self Storage | 4 Simple Steps to Securely Pack a Microwave

Perhaps you're moving from one home to another or maybe an overseas professional opportunity beckons -- either way you've decided to place your personal items in the self storage unit at a place like Melco Storage, including your microwave. You'll want to ensure that you pack your microwave as safely as possible so that it remains it proper working condition for when you return. You will need packing paper, polystyrene sheets, lint-free cloth, packing tape and a cardboard box for this task. Read More 

Storing Guns in a Self Storage Locker: Five Essential Tips

If you need to store your guns outside of your home or while you are in between places, you may be able to store them in a self storage facility. However, there are several things you should consider first. To make the experience successful, check out these tips: 1. Check with the self storage facility before storing guns in your storage locker Self storage facilities all have different rules regarding whether or not you can store guns there. Read More 

Tips for Self Storage Success

Whether you are storing your belongings long term or as a transition during a move, it's important to find the unit size that is right for what you are looking to store. Make sure that you are not overpaying every month for your storage unit, and you'll be able to spend that money elsewhere, or save for that storage shed you so desperately need! If all you have is a few small furniture items, or some boxes that you need archived, see about renting a 1. Read More