Keeping my sporting gear safe

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Keeping my sporting gear safe

When my wife moved in she told me I needed to throw out the stuff in my spare room! I told her there was no way I was throwing out my mountain bike, snowboards, golf clubs... and she told me I needed to get a storage unit. Now I've got my sporting gear stored out of her sight, and I convinced her to put her flowery couch in the unit as well. Now I've got someone to stash all of my impulse buys - I've just got store it all so she never realises how much stuff we have stashed in there!

What University Graduates Should Know Before Hiring their First Removalist

If you are graduating university, then you know it is time to make that first big move to your first home or flat. This may mean hiring a removalist to handle certain parts of the move for you. The problem is most university students have never used a removalist company and have no idea what to look for or what options may be worth the money. Here are a few things that university graduates should know before hiring their first removalist.

Packing Options

One of the things you may not know is that some removalists will pack your items for you. This may be offered as part of a bundle or as an extra option. In most cases, the removalists will arrive at your location and pack up all of your items safely and securely. They will likely not unpack your items and you should keep in mind that your private and personal items should be packed by you. If you do choose to have your items packed by the removalist, make sure you also remove any items that are heirlooms or have a special irreplaceable meaning for you. For example, you don't want to risk having your great-grandmother's china moved by someone else if it can't be replaced or has sentimental value.

Insured Items

One of the things you may overlook doing is opting in for insurance on your items. You may think that you don't have enough valuable items to insure or that it is a waste of money for whatever reason. The truth is, the insurance will cover your items in cases of the removalists accidentally dropping a box and breaking items. It will also cover items that are damaged if the removalist truck is in a vehicle accident or if something happens, such as a break in to the truck itself. If you are having your items kept at a storage unit that is owned by the removalist company, the insurance may also cover your items while they are in storage as well.

Mobile Storage Options

One of the options that many companies are offering is a mobile storage pod option. What this usually means is that you can hire removalists to not only pack your items, but they will also deliver a storage pod to your location and move it to the new location. In many cases, the storage pod will arrive a few days prior to the removalists. The removalists will come in, pack your items, and load the storage pod. The pod will then be picked up on a date you schedule and moved by truck to your new location. When it arrives at the new location, you can hire the removalists to come in and unload the storage pod and have the company pick up the pod on a scheduled date. This is an option many people are choosing because they can keep the storage pod for an extended period of time and have it moved across the country easily and in a secure locked container.

These are just a few things to know about hiring a removalist for your first move after graduating university. If you are ready to look into this option more, and what is available to you, consider a consultation with your local removalist company.