Keeping my sporting gear safe

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Keeping my sporting gear safe

When my wife moved in she told me I needed to throw out the stuff in my spare room! I told her there was no way I was throwing out my mountain bike, snowboards, golf clubs... and she told me I needed to get a storage unit. Now I've got my sporting gear stored out of her sight, and I convinced her to put her flowery couch in the unit as well. Now I've got someone to stash all of my impulse buys - I've just got store it all so she never realises how much stuff we have stashed in there!

7 ways to get the most out of your small bathroom space

Your small bathroom has you continually looking for more storage alternatives, making sure you are maximizing on the available space. There are plenty of little odds and ends -- razors, make up, toilet paper, hairbrushes -- that you've got to have; however, where in the world do you store all that stuff? With good planning and clever storage ideas, you may realize that your small bathroom has plenty of storage space to offer. Check out the following seven ways to make the most of the available space in a small bathroom.

A shelf right above the sink

Install a shelf right above the sink. Here, put things that you often use on a daily basis such as colognes or perfumes, bathing soap, tooth brush and toothpaste and so on.

The space above your toilet tank

This is often a neglected space. You can install some shelves, cabinets or even simply place a basket where you can put toiletries as well as reading materials. Imagine a picture frame or a flower vase set up nicely on the shelf just above the toilet tank. It makes a wonderful spectacle.

Wall-mounted spice racks

Your bathroom wall can serve as a great spot for hanging spice racks which you can use to organize your different makeup or hair products.

Towel rack

No available space to set up a towel rack in your small bathroom? Well, the back of your door can be used as a great installation point. You can set up one, two or even three racks on the back of your bathroom door where you can hang both your body and face towels.

Above the door section

The space above the door can be used to install a cabinet or a shelf. Here, you can store extra toiletries that you don't need to access very often, including toilet paper, shampoo and beauty products.

Cabinet door

People are accustomed to storing things inside a cabinet. However, the cabinet door can also serve as a great storage area. Consider mounting a hair dryer holder on the door and hang your hair dryer on the inner section of the cabinet door. This will help you save on space as well as time since it will be easier to locate.

Compartmentalized drawers

If you have drawers in your cabinets, consider adding organizational compartments in order to get the most out of the storage space. This will make it easier to store and locate all your items.

With storage space at a premium in small bathrooms, the above-mentioned tips can help you take advantage of the available space. Click for more storage solutions.