Keeping my sporting gear safe

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Keeping my sporting gear safe

When my wife moved in she told me I needed to throw out the stuff in my spare room! I told her there was no way I was throwing out my mountain bike, snowboards, golf clubs... and she told me I needed to get a storage unit. Now I've got my sporting gear stored out of her sight, and I convinced her to put her flowery couch in the unit as well. Now I've got someone to stash all of my impulse buys - I've just got store it all so she never realises how much stuff we have stashed in there!

Self Storage | 4 Simple Steps to Securely Pack a Microwave

Perhaps you're moving from one home to another or maybe an overseas professional opportunity beckons -- either way you've decided to place your personal items in the self storage unit at a place like Melco Storage, including your microwave. You'll want to ensure that you pack your microwave as safely as possible so that it remains it proper working condition for when you return. You will need packing paper, polystyrene sheets, lint-free cloth, packing tape and a cardboard box for this task. Follow these simple packing steps for securely packing your microwave in the self storage unit.

Clean the interior and exterior of the microwave

Before placing the microwave in the self storage unit, you should clean the interior and exterior components thoroughly. This ensures that no mould and mildew forms because of residual food particles, which could damage the performance of your microwave. With a damp cloth smeared in a blend of vinegar and water, wipe away all food particles and stains from the inside of your microwave. Because vinegar has acidic properties, it works as an effective cleaning agent. Use a damp cloth and remove all dust and debris from the exterior of the microwave.

Pack removable components and pack them separately

The glass turntable at the bottom of the microwave should be removed and wrapped in packing paper and bubble wrap. Similarly, if the wire is detachable, roll it and wrap it along with the glass table so you don't lose these items. Keep these items handy, because you will need to store them along with the microwave in the self storage unit.

Wrap microwave and place in box

Wrap packing paper around the microwave to ensure that the microwave is protected from dirt in the self storage unit. Make sure you find a suitable box that can accommodate your packed microwave. Place polystyrene sheets on the base of the box so the microwave is uplifted from the ground. Lay the microwave gently into the cardboard box and firmly secure it with polystyrene sheets on either side. This ensures that the microwave doesn't move around while the box is being transported to the self storage unit. Close the cardboard box and secure it with packing tape. Label the box, so you know where to look for your microwave. Polystyrene sheets and packing paper rolls can be purchased from stationery stores or online. 

Place microwave above ground in the self storage unit 

Place the packed microwave box on a table or above another box in the self storage unit to prevent any moisture from seeping in and damaging the appliance through damp floors.

Use these smart packing steps for placing your microwave in the self storage unit.