Keeping my sporting gear safe

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Keeping my sporting gear safe

When my wife moved in she told me I needed to throw out the stuff in my spare room! I told her there was no way I was throwing out my mountain bike, snowboards, golf clubs... and she told me I needed to get a storage unit. Now I've got my sporting gear stored out of her sight, and I convinced her to put her flowery couch in the unit as well. Now I've got someone to stash all of my impulse buys - I've just got store it all so she never realises how much stuff we have stashed in there!

Storing Guns in a Self Storage Locker: Five Essential Tips

If you need to store your guns outside of your home or while you are in between places, you may be able to store them in a self storage facility. However, there are several things you should consider first. To make the experience successful, check out these tips:

1. Check with the self storage facility before storing guns in your storage locker

Self storage facilities all have different rules regarding whether or not you can store guns there. Always check with a self storage facility first to make sure it's alright, and make sure you follow any regulations they have about storing your guns. In some cases, the facility may require you to take out extra insurance if you are storing firearms.

If you have issues finding a facility that allows you to store guns, try looking slightly out of town. Facilities out of city limits may have less strict rules than ones in cities, as they have fewer ordinances bearing down upon them.

2. Look for a climate-controlled storage locker

Guns can be affected by humidity or large shifts in temperature. Make sure your guns are safe from warping and damage by finding a storage locker that is climate controlled and well ventilated.

3. Use a gun locker

In most cases, the storage locker does not satisfy the legal requirements to store your guns in a secure gun locker bolted to the ground. Make sure you have a study gun locker, and make sure the self storage facility allows you to bolt or otherwise anchor it to the ground.

4. Store your ammo separately

In addition to having a locker for your guns, you also need a separate container if you are storing any ammo. A small locked box usually works perfectly, or consider getting rid of any excess ammo and only storing your guns. You can buy ammo when you take your guns out of storage.

5. Pay attention to the facility's security levels

In addition to ensuring your guns are stored legally and in a climate that won't hurt them, you need to ensure they are safe from thieves. Guns are extremely valuable, and they have great resale value when stolen. Look for a storage facility that has strong locks on each locker and consider reinforcing the locker with an additional lock of your own. Also, look for facilities that have guards on site at all times or security cameras.